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Безработная получает тысячи долларов, обнажая несовершенства тела

Фото: instagram.com/socalsummers

Большинство пользовательниц соцсетей делают все, чтобы выглядеть превосходно на своих снимках. Однако 30-летняя жительница США Саммерс Фонгессе, которая воспитывает двоих маленьких детей, не переживает по поводу того, что выглядит неидеально на фото. Более того, она смело позирует полуобнаженной или совсем без одежды и продает эти кадры через Интернет.

Американка Саммерс Фонгессе восемь лет назад вышла замуж и с тех пор ни дня не работала. Однако совсем без дела молодая мама не сидит.

Она придумала необычный способ зарабатывать деньги, которые собирается потратить на благое дело — строительство приюта для лошадей.

Саммерс, которая принципиально не собирается возвращаться в былую форму после рождения сына и дочери, просит мужа фотографировать ее полуобнаженной или совсем нагой. Эти кадры смелая американка начала продавать на портале Patreon и уже за первый месяц заработала несколько тысяч долларов.

«Мне очень нравится заниматься этим. Если честно,

я делаю это не ради денег — мы и так не нуждаемся. Просто приятно, что я могу зарабатывать по 5 тысяч долларов в месяц, сидя дома»,

— поделилась с порталом Yahoo beauty Саммерс Фонгессе.

Something I have that a lot of women identify with is a flabby stretched out loose skin belly. It's from going up and down in weight and from babies. There is a genetic component to it that makes it impossible to get rid of with some. You can do all the crunches in the world. Short of having surgery it's there to stay. The biggest part of my journey to self love was that fucking flabby stretched marked pouch thing I have. I felt like even a lot of bigger plus size women didn't have that. Their skin looked tighter to me. It's not something I see portrayed ever, in a beautiful natural way. Yet soooooo many women have it. The fucking pouch. Lol. I have come to terms with my pouch. With the fact that I can still FEEL and LOOK fucking bomb in shit like this😜you can too xoxox💖 ....my husband took this pic...no ps...just awesome lighting and wind! 😊

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Женщина также призналась репортерам, что не всегда была такой уверенной в себе.

Еще пару лет назад она переживала из-за лишнего веса и была уверена, что перестала привлекать мужа.

Однако именно супруг разубедил ее в этом и заставил поверить, что она сексуальна с растяжками, целлюлитом и другими несовершенствами фигуры.

"Nudity is not porn" I see that phrase thrown around a lot in some ill conceived support for it. Porn is not evil either. I'm trying hard to straddle a thin line with my page. Representing the natural enjoyment nudity brings me. It is NOT a sexual thing. On the flip side of the coin, I think as a society we have this huge problem with sex. We demonize it, while at the same time sexualiziing everything. So I explore my sexuality as well. I'd rather walk down 5th Ave naked than try to look sexy. Sexy doesn't come natural to me. Allowing youself to explore natural desires is OK. It is OK to let men think your SEXY. It doesn't make you a hoe. It doesn't diminish your self worth. It makes you in tune with something fucking basic.

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"Let me show ya how country feels" -R.H. 😊🐔🐎🤠💖🦄

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Swipe right for the booty pics guys😜😂😘 I know, yall ladies, one of the WORST things in the world is this fucking pouch some of us get. There's no real hiding or getting rid of the shit. Having sex, the most humiliating thing in the world to have a pouch right? And don't you dare fucking touch that shit if your my man. Just don't do it, it's almost like it hurts it's so embarrassing to us.....that's how I used to think about my pouch. Lol.....I have a new relationship with my pouch these days. My husband told me something when we were watching a naughty video of sorts😶, and this females belly was hanging down a bit. He said men have built in photoshop, if a woman is enjoying herself nothing else matters, we look at what we love. I think that is true. And that lesson in the bedroom carries over to the rest of life. Be confident, enjoy yourself, and people don't notice the little things about you that you hate. They are drawn to your positive energy and that is always the most beautiful thing💕😊💖💖💖

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I had a lot of these stretch marks before I had kids. My hips got extreamly wide early on. Girls that expienece this know how fucking awful it is. I actually had the thought that once I had kids I'd have a good "excuse" for the way my body looked. As if I needed one. As if it was in some way my fault. How stupid. And it should come as no surprise having kids in no way made me feel any better about it. I'm not even that big, not really. There's people out there much bigger and they don't have these massacred torsos! What in the hell did I do so wrong?? It's genetics!! Not a damn thing in the world I did wrong. So I started looking at them different. Like someone that genetically gets freckles in the sun. They are a beautiful part of your bodies story☺

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